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Ljubljana airport
Ljubljana Airport is situated about 26 km north of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, the Jože Pučnik Airport only caters for international flights as currently no domestic scheduled services exist. There are both regular and shuttle bus services to the airport, taxi and car hire facilities. The airport is undergoing an expansion phase which is set to continue until 2020 and aims to make Jože Pučnik Airport the leading regional air terminal.

Flights to Ljubljana
Currently, there are direct flights to 27 destinations, including major international hub airports such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna and Zurich, facilitating transport to just about anywhere in the world. With expansion plans well in hand for the airport, the number of direct destinations is sure to rise. At the moment, eight airlines Jože Pučnik Airport, and it is the base for Adria Airlines, the Slovenian national carrier.

Ljubljana train station
The main railway station in Ljubljana was built in 1849, when Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and renovated in 1980 under direction of architect Mako Mušič. Discount cards can be purchased for certain rail journeys and periods. National and international trains depart from Ljubljana station; Trg Osvobodilne fronte 6, 1000 Ljubljana Tel +386 (0)1 291 33 32.

Ljubljana bus station
The main bus station in Ljubljana is next to the main train station. There is a good network of city and regional bus services. If you get a Ljubljana card, it entitles you to free use of the city’s bus network. There are both regional and shuttle services to Ljubljana airport and tickets may be purchased on board (NB no change is given). The bus station is a hub for coach travel to just about anywhere in Europe. Details of journeys are available on their internet site in English (http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/eng/), but the destinations are only given in Slovenian.

Hostels in Ljubljana
The city of Ljubljana has at least 15 hostels which offer inexpensive accommodation (15 to 30 € per night). Prices vary with location, season and the number of people sharing a room. In the summer vacation (June to August) it is possible to stay in one of four student hostels. Many of the hostels are centrally located affording an excellent chance to get to know the city.

Ljubljana castle
Built up on castle hill above the old heart of Ljubljana, the castle provides a panoramic view of the city. The outlook tower (built in 1841) provides the best vantage point. A signal cannon in the tower was used to announce the arrival of dignitaries, or warn of fire. The current structure dates from the 16th century, but the site has been occupied since prehistoric times.

Ljubljana university
Ljubljana University was established in 1919 as Slovenia’s first (and, for half a century) only university offering tuition in the Slovenian language. The original university was based in the centre of the city and comprised five faculties (Law, Arts, Theology, Technology and Medicine). The modern university has also expanded into the suburbs, caters for almost 60 000 students and now has 22 faculties 3 academies of art and a university college.

Ljubljana stock exchange
The Ljubljana stock exchange (LJSE) is located on Slovenska Cesta in central Ljubljana. The exchange was established in 1989 and was the first stock exchange to be set up in a socialist country. At the time, Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia. Last June, the LJSE was purchased by the Vienna stock exchange which is planning a significant expansion of LJSE’s liquidity and product range.

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